Resolved Issues

Issue # Description
VER-16 An unintentional image was displayed during gold image creation for a brief second.
VER-75 UC5 did not launch a tenant desktop if it was not in the global tenant.
VER-76 UC5 failed to launch a desktop if the image name and title did not match.
VER-97 Mac OS client download resulted in a 404 HTTP status error.
VER-103 An incorrect time was displayed in the last updated field of the UC5 console settings dialog.
VER-105 When using the Spice protocol, Win10 does not fill the screen in Full Screen mode.
VER-203 Ubuntu 1604 64bit image does not populate the entire screen in full screen mode is now fixed.
VER-239 Management Console crashed if the description was above 255 characters.
VER-361 Session setting names had to be unique even if they were in different tenant organizations.
VER-429 Screen display is blurred for Ubuntu 12.04 (32-bit&64-bit) OS after installation.
VER-590 Launching Desktop sessions failed if VERDEOS is installed with data on CIFS External Storage.
VER-602 Multiple VLANs could not be resolved in the session settings network tab.