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Managing Session Settings

Session settings manage the environment for virtual sessions in terms of system resources, networking, access to peripherals, disconnected mode, and USB support. Settings can be assigned to a Gold Image as the default environment for that image, or they can be used to customize the environment for a specific rule in the Desktop Policies screen.

Some important factors to consider:

  • The RAM and Max Size User Image must be exactly the same in both the session settings used to create the Gold Image and in the session settings applied to deploy the Gold Image to a user or group (Desktop Policy screen). If these values are different, there may be problems the first time a user tries to log in to a guest session.
  • Session settings specified on the Desktop Policy screen override Gold Images screen settings, and each of them overrides the Default settings.
  • The Default session settings object contains default settings for a dynamic session. Other session settings inherit the values from the default, unless overridden. If a default setting is changed, the setting is reflected in all other session settings, unless specifically overwritten.