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Installing VERDE Using RPMs

Installation using the RPM method is recommended when there is a specific IT mandate for a company approved CentOS or Red Hat corporate standard. In these cases, installing a pre-configured VERDEOS is not your best solution. A second reason for using the RPM based installation method is valid for customers who want more fine-grained control over the settings and packages installed in their Linux operating system. Finally, while VERDEOS is good for many installations, when new hardware or updated driver packages are released for a Linux distribution, it is not always possible or practical for VERDEOS to stay current on these updates. In these cases, VERDEOS may not be suitable for the newest hardware, and the RPM installation method will more than likely support those latest updates.

If using the RPM method, it is assumed that you have already downloaded and installed Red Hat or CentOS on your server. You will also need to obtain a set of VERDE RPMs from NComputing. Contact your NComputing sales partner to acquire about these packages.