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Making Changes to a Gold Image

To make changes to a Gold Image after it has been published, the image must be checked out. To keep guest sessions from being impacted, the checkout process creates a temporary copy of the image. When the changes are checked in, users are notified and offered the opportunity to shutdown their Virtual Desktop to obtain the latest update.

Check Out and Change the Gold Image

Perform the following steps to check out and change a Gold Image:

  1. Log into the VERDE Management Console and select Configuration > Gold Images.
  2. In the row that contains the image to be changed, select "CHECK OUT."

  3. Depending on the size of the image, the check out process may take a few minutes.
  4. After the checkout is complete, the Gold Image is available for update. Click on the name of the Gold Image under the "Name" column. A new window listing the Gold Image details will appear.
  5. Select "Edit."
  6. From the VERDE Management Console, the following settings can be changed:
    • Title. The name of the image displayed to users.
    • Description. An optional description of the image.
    • Session Settings. The session assigned to the Gold Image. To learn more about session settings, see Managing Session Settings.
    • System Image Max Size (GB). The maximum size allowed for the guest's virtual C: (system) drive volume size.
    • Group/User Owners. The groups or users to own this image. The accounts selected must have the Gold Image ownership permission. If an account is not selected, ownership of the image is assigned to the creator of the image.

  7. Select "Save" to save your changes. The previous window will appear. Select "Close" to close the window.
  8. Select "CHECK IN" to deploy the changes.
  9. Back on the main screen, select "CHECK IN" to deploy the changes.

Users running an active VDI session with the dynamic instance of this Gold Image will be notified of the update and will be prompted to shutdown and restart their session. See Customizing the Gold Image Update Notification for more details.

Cloning a Gold Image

In the current version of VERDE, the cloned Gold Image is linked to the original Gold Image. This means that the original Gold Image should not be deleted—doing so would render the clone non-operational.

A Gold Image clone is a copy of an existing image. Cloning an image is useful for testing configuration settings and/or installing new applications. To create a clone of a Gold Image:

  1. On the Gold Images screen, select the "Clone" icon . The Clone dialog displays.
  2. Enter a name for the new image.
  3. Enter a unique name in the "Title" field for guest sessions. While not required, if a unique name is not specified, the clone will be listed with the same title as the original Gold Image.
  4. If needed, enter a description.
  5. Select "NEXT."

  6. A new dialogue window will open that will allow you to select groups or users that will have access to this image. Groups and users are broken up into two panels. The actions listed below are relevant for both panels:
    • Perform a search for groups or users. Type the name of a group or user in the field beside "Search by," then click "Search." The search results will appear in the table below.
    • Add access. Choose "Select" beside the group or user name. Observe that the group or user will then be visible in the "Selected" tables.
    • Remove access. In the "Selected" table, click "Remove" by the name of the group or user.

  7. Select "CREATE NEW IMAGE." A message displays stating that the image is cloning.

  8. On the main screen, you'll see the addition of the cloned Gold Image. Select "PUBLISH" to publish the Gold Image, making it accessible to groups and users. To edit the Gold Image's information, you'll need to check it out first.