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Cluster Master Fail-over Process

Any VDI server can be designated a Cluster Master candidate. There is no limit to the number of cluster master candidates per cluster. Any VDI server can be set as a candidate for fail over as long as it meets the Cluster Master system requirements.

It takes between 90 seconds and two minutes for the automatic fail-over to take place. During that time, the user sessions remain active, only new sessions cannot be started.

The secure (https) port 8443 must be the same on every cluster node.

Manual Fail-over

To stop a cluster master, stop the VERDE service on that node. To manually assign a cluster master candidate as the cluster master, confirm that it is the first server to start.

Wait 90 seconds to two minutes before starting the other cluster master candidate nodes.

VERDE Management Console Fail-over

The VERDE system has one exclusive component on each cluster, which is the VERDE Management Console database. The VERDE Management Console runs on the same server as the active Cluster Master and manages its own database engine on the local node. Regardless of where the engine is running, the database files are located in shared storage.

When a cluster master fail-over occurs, the VERDE Management Console will also fail-over automatically. There is no need to know which server is running the VERDE Management Console, the request is automatically redirected to the active console. To access the VERDE Management Console, enter the URL of any cluster node.