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Assign MAC Address Pools

Highly secure environments may require a defined set of MAC addresses to enable virtual sessions to access the network. When a MAC address pool is assigned through Session Settings, unused MAC addresses can be returned to the pool when a guest session ends.

VERDE uses the Default pool for all images. Any changes to the Default settings will be inherited by all images.

If MAC address pools conflict with other addresses on the network, VERDE will not detect conflicts.

The use of a MAC Address can be revoked through the Reporting screens. See User Session Reporting for more details.

  1. On the MAC Address Pools screen, select "CREATE NEW." Enter settings for this pool.

  2. Enter a name for this pool. Keep in mind that names are case sensitive.
  3. Set a prefix for the range of addresses in the "MAC Address Prefix" fields, if desired. The prefix helps ensure uniqueness in a cluster. Enter values for one or more octets from left to right. The fields that are left empty are populated by the range defined in the start and end fields.
  4. Enter the range for the MAC address pool in the "Pool Start Address" and "Pool End Address" fields. If a prefix is defined, enter the remaining octet values in these fields. Confirm that the start value is less than the end value.
  5. Select "Save." The pool is assigned through Network Session Settings. See Managing Session Settings for more details.