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Welcome to VERDE VDI

VERDE, the next generation of VDI, removes the management burden, complexity, and costs associated with desktop virtualization. With hundreds of millions of professional desktops set to refresh, organizations of all sizes are turning to VERDE to provide an easy-to-use, cost-effective approach to provisioning, managing, updating, and securing PC and BYOD (bring your own device) environments.

What is VDI?

With Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), all programs, applications, and data that traditionally resides on local storage of a desktop is “virtualized” and stored on a remote central server.

What does VDI mean for business?

Organizations enjoy reduced risk and lessen needless downtime. With VDI, your business has greater control over a user' desktop and corporate data. Whether on site or remote, VDI offers real protection to ensure valuable data is no longer stolen, lost, or destroyed.

What does VDI mean for IT?

VDI means not having to rollout an update to every PC individually. With VDI, desktops are managed from a central location. Whether migrating to the latest Windows, installing a new security patch, or re-imaging a single machine, it is easier than ever to administer a PC environment, even across tens of thousands of machines. IT can create a single image and seamlessly roll it out to every machine on the network with the push of a button.

Additionally, should instability occur, the IT administrator can simply rollback to the most recent acceptable state and redeploy.

What does VDI mean for the end user?

End users can access their desktop from any device (PC, notebook, tablet, thin client) and from any location (work, home, library, or while traveling) and access all data. Additionally, VDI often improves productivity by delivering LAN performance for remote branch office users