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VERDE Virtual Application Layers

Virtualized application layers provide application distribution to end users with Gold Images. Each image contains the basic application requirements of the organization. Specific applications can be deployed to each group of users.

Application layers have the following characteristics:

  • The application layers are compatible with Windows applications.
  • The application layers work for all Windows User Mode applications except for “Kernel mode applications” that require device drivers.
  • Application layers are published to the end users or groups using the provisioning rules from the VERDE Management Console.
  • The end user sees one composite desktop which includes the Gold Image and the blended application layers.
  • Applications are updated the same way Gold Images are updated.

VERDE provides a differential update mechanism for the application layers in disconnected mode, such as in a Cloud Branch location. When an application layer is updated, users have an option to reload the new application layer without having to restart the session.