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Install an Ubuntu 12.04 Gold Image

To benefit from accelerated SPICE features, install the Ubuntu Gold Image using the VERDE Management Console. See Gold Images for more details.

VERDE does not support Unity interface. After the operating system installation, a warning states that Ubuntu Classic should be chosen. Choose this option from System —> Administration —> Login screen.

Perform the following steps to install Ubuntu:

  1. Enable sshd to run at boot time.
  2. Run Install_VERDE_Guest_Tools to shut down the Gold Image.
  3. Restart the image and install the gdm package apt-get install --reinstall gdm.
  4. (Optional for AD User Access) To enable access to the Ubuntu Gold Image by AD users, perform the following steps:
    1. Run vi /etc/pam.d/common-session.
    2. Change session sufficient to session [success=ok default=ignore]
  5. Shutdown the Gold Image.
  6. Check in the Gold Image on the VERDE Management Console.
  7. (Optional for AD User Access) Assign the Gold Image to an AD user.
  8. Save the changes.