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Connecting Users to VERDE

Remote users connect to VERDE from the VERDE User Console, the VERDE User Console5, or the VERDE Client.

The User Console supports access to virtual desktops using SPICE and RDP protocols. VERDE secures the remote session with SSL/TLS encryption when applicable.

The VERDE User Console5 contains functionality similar to the standard console, but with the benefit of not requiring additional software to be installed on the client. Only users wanting to connect to a Windows guest session should use the VERDE User Console5 for access; currently, Linux guest sessions are not supported on this platform.

The VERDE Client will be the primary way that end users will access their virtual desktops. The VERDE Client is installed with the VERDE user tools. VERDE provides all of the tools required to enable the client for virtual sessions. The VERDE client is currently the only software client that supports the UXP protocol. The UXP protocol is also available using the NComputing RX-300 thin client. See Starting the User Console for more details.

Confirm the following items are configured to support virtual desktop sessions:

  • Enable RDP support in the Windows Gold Images to launch an RDP session from the User Console.
  • Advanced RDP features like multimedia redirection and support of multiple monitors are only available with Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate Editions.
  • The VERDE User Console requires a browser that is Java-enabled. Confirm only one version of the Java Runtime Environment is installed.