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Connections for iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Android

You can use an iPad, iPhone, iPod, or Android clients to access guest sessions by downloading Microsoft RD Client from their app store.

The client makes one Gold Image available to users or groups from a device. To install the client, perform the following steps:

  1. From the device, access the Application Store, then select "FREE."
  2. Search for and download iFreeRDP or Microsoft RD Client. Select "Install."
  3. After the application has finished installing, launch the applet.
  4. To connect to a guest session, at a minimum you'll need to add the following information:
    • Title. Name of the connection.
    • Host Name. The FQDN or IP address of the VERDE server.
    • Username. Your username (user@AD_domain if it is an Active Directory domain user, user@0local if it is a local user). The UPN username must be recognized by the Active Directory. If the LDAP configuration lists a friendly name for the UPN suffix, it must match the UPN suffix understood by the Active Directory.
    • Password. The password associated with your username.
    • Domain. (optional) If the domain is specified with the username, leave the field empty.
  5. Select "Save." You should now be able to access a guest session from the device.

If you already have a session running on a computer and start a session on another device, the original session will shut down.