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Computer Resources

Resource tags are created under the Configuration tab and are associated with servers on the Server screen (under the Administration tab), and with sessions in Session Settings. When a tag is associated with a Session Setting, desktops that use that Session Setting will only run on servers with which the tag is associated. For each server in the cluster, the following can be configured:

  • Organizations can be assigned to one or more servers.
  • Resource tags associated with this server. Tags are created for each server in General Settings and assigned through Session Settings. When a tag is assigned, sessions will only run on the associated server.
  • Maximum number of sessions the server can run.

Edit a Computer Resource

  1. Select "Edit" beside the computer resource that you wish to edit. Type a name for the resource in the field beside "Resource."
  2. Next to "Organization," check the organizations that are related to the resource. You can also select the box beside "All Organizations" to make it a universal resource.
  3. Beside "Maximum Number of Sessions," type the limit of sessions that can be run at one time using this resource.
  4. Select "Save" to save your changes.