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Shared Storage Planning

VERDE uses shared storage to store clustering meta-data, provisioning profiles, Gold Images, and user data such as the profile and documents. The size of the required external storage is dependent on:

  • Total user data. U = Number of Users * Disk space allotted per user
  • Total gold images. G = Number of Gold Images * Gold Image size
  • Total meta-data. M = 8 GB

To size the total required external storage, add U+G+M

The performance required from the shared storage depends on the amount of IOPS needed for the user data. Industry guidelines recommend about 5 IOPS for each user profile. The total performance required of the external storage can be calculated as follows:

P = Number of users * IOPS per user

For a system with 1000 users that each need 2 GB user data space, using 5 Gold Images of 20 GB each, the requirements for storage are as follows:

  • Size. 1000 * 2 GB + 5 * 20 GB + 8 GB = 2108 GB
  • Performance. 1000 * 5 = 5000 IOPS

NAS Requirements

The requirements for the storage system will depend on the guest sessions to be supported.

NFS network file-system supporting:

  • NFSv3, and NFSv4.
  • NLM file locking.
  • POSIX permissions.
  • Gigabit or faster networking capacity.
  • At least 2.5 Mbps sustained network bandwidth per user.
  • Enterprise-class hardware and configuration.