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Configure Client and Guest Time Zone

The guest session time zone matches that of the client machine if the two are the same operating system type. If the client is a Linux machine, and the guest session is a Windows desktop, or vice versa, a zone name conversion is required.

Microsoft (Windows) clients and guests use Microsoft time zone names, which can be found here.

Linux clients and guests use a more standard set of names. You can review them here.

VERDE provides a default set of name mappings in /usr/lib/verde/etc/timezones.txt, but these might not cover all that are needed in an environment. To customize the zone name mapping, create atimezones.txt file in the .verde directory in the home directory of the VERDE system account (vb-verde). Each line in the file should contain:

<windows name>|<standard name> which translates to: Taipei Standard Time|Asia/Taipei

Mappings provided by this file take precedence over VERDE mappings.