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Planning the Installation

Before you attempt to install VERDE, arm yourself with the knowledge of your company’s network infrastructure, taking into consideration the following factors:

  • The amount of capacity a server will need to accommodate usage at peak hours. See Server Capacity Planning for more details.
  • Sizing data for the server, guest sessions, storage, and network platforms. This data will help you determine the requirements needed to implement a physical environment. See Sizing Per Desktops for more details.
  • The amount of shared storage needed—factoring in user data, gold images, and meta-data. See Shared Storage Planning for more details.
  • Protocols for online VDI connections, quantity of concurrent users and the percentage of those users that utilize Cloud Branch servers. See Network Planning for Client Access for more details.
  • The type of guest sessions that will be used the majority of the time. See Guest Image RAM and Disk Space Planning for more details.