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User Session Reporting

Users Sessions can be viewed and shutdown through the different Reporting screens.

Live Sessions

The Live Sessions table lists guest sessions that are currently active. Review the following to monitor session resource use and performance:

  • Resource Utilization Index. A representation of virtual machine consumption rates for CPU, memory, Virtual Network, display protocol, and IOPS. These rates reflect relative consumption of server resources, not performance.
  • Session Performance Index. A performance index of session CPU, RAM, amount of data swapping, system disk use, and user disk use.

Sort session data by selecting a column in the table. Two columns are available but are not displayed by default: "Organization" and "MAC Address." To enable them, right-click in any column header to display a menu showing all available columns. Select the ones that are unchecked. Preferences are maintained for each administrator account.

Select a session and pick one of the buttons at the top of the table to perform the following:

  • Shut Down. Shuts down the session and saves user data.
  • Abort. Stops the session immediately without saving data.
  • Revert. Reverts the session image back to its original state. Any changes to the image that were made in this session are lost.

The MAC Address screen lists the MAC Addresses that are being used.

Select "REVOKE MAC ADDRESS" to make an address available or to return a selected address to a pool.

Desktop Usage

Desktop Usage displays an audit log of desktop use. This report includes the severity of the event, date, type, server, username, Gold Image used, and deployment information.

Select any table title to sort information by that data type.