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VERDE User Console5

VERDE also offers an HTML5-based console that can be accessed on the majority of HTML5-ready browsers. The VERDE User Console5 has similar functionality as the VERDE User Console—but unlike the standard console, you won't need to install a Java plugin to launch virtual desktops. Once you select a desktop, the VDI session will open in the browser.

The current version of the VERDE User Console5 only supports RDP protocol, and does not support USB drives functionality.

The VERDE User Console5 is the only available option for VERDE users utilizing a Chromebook client to connect to the VERDE application.

To access the VERDE User Console5, you’ll need to open a browser and navigate to one of the following addresses:

http://<server-name-or-IP>:8080/uc5 or https://<server-name-or-IP>:8443/uc5

Once you’ve navigated to the site, add the appropriate username and password in the fields provided, then select “Login.”