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VERDE Cloud Branch Environment

VERDE Cloud Branch allows you to centralize the management of remote facilities (branches, regional data centers) to large enterprises with multiple locations and Managed Service Providers (MSP’s). The VERDE Cloud Branch solution includes:

  • The desktop runs locally.
  • Automatic Replication Technology using our SmartSync™ Protocol.
  • Tolerates Intermittent Branch Connectivity.
  • Security isolation. There is no requirement for Core to Branch Network.
  • OS Gold images, policies, and critical data are synchronized between the central cluster and regional data center or branch office.

The Cloud Branch can be a single machine serving a handful of users, or a large cluster of VERDE servers in a regional data center that may be serving thousands of users. No matter the size, the management will remain centralized.

The Cloud Branch solution consists of two parts:

  • In the Data Center. A VERDE Server or cluster with access to Gold Image storage and provisioned users at the data center. The Gold Images and system and user policies are automatically synchronized via the Smartsync™ protocol between the Data Center (DC) and the regional Data Center or Branch Office.
  • In the Branch. A VERDE Server or cluster synchronizing Gold Images from the data center, and serving dynamic instances of the cached Gold Image to its own set of users. The virtual desktops run locally, providing LAN performance and availability to the Cloud Branch users. Because the Gold Images and user data are stored locally, the branch does not require a permanent connection with the Data Center, and can operate even if the Data Center is down or connectivity to the Data Center is severed. Like the Data Center, the Branch can scale horizontally from one to hundreds of servers.