Windows XP

Windows XP is no longer supported as a client or as a guest OS.

Deprecated feature removed

The session setting “Store user document files outside user image. [DEPRECATED]” has been removed. Files can be added outside of the image by adding an additional drive to a shared storage area via a Group Policy mapping or to a web based cloud connected drive.

UXP runs on Windows 64-bit OS clients only

The UXP client software is designed to run on Windows 64-bit OS Operating Systems. It does not run and should not be installed on any 32-bit Windows device or on any Linux workstation.

Known Issues

Issue # Description
VER-823 Verde Gateway ISO Installation fails with exception error on VMware ESXi. Workaround is to install via RPM.
VER-819 If an AD user is accessing a guest session using SSO for Server OS, their first attempt to shutdown the session will not work. They will need to attempt the shutdown twice in order for the session to be properly shut down.
VER-837 Local users with WIN 2012r2 who attempt to connect via UXP will receive the following error: "The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted."
VER-838 After upgrading Verde Tools QEMU Guest Agent in Windows 7, the guest agent is not installed and the desktop session cannot be connected as end user. It is recommended that the user restart after first login.
VER-821 Windows Server OS power options are not available in guest sessions. Workaround is to press "Alt-F4" to close the session.
VER-830 UXP Dual Display: If both monitors have different native resolutions, then UXP uses only the primary monitor's native resolution on both monitors.
VER-839 VERDE Android client app: After disconnecting the RDP session, the Verde Android Client app, Verde Client does not disconnect automatically. The workaround it to close the dialog box manually.
VER-811 Session Settings displays obsolete protocol for Linux images: NX protocol is no longer available for Linux images.
VER-726 When a user connects to a desktop session that has previously been shut down, KVM-related errors appear on the VERDE Server Console. This is a cosmetic issue in Linux and is harmless. Users should press "Enter" on the console to clear the errors.