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How NComputing can help you virtualize desktops.


Citrix provides server, application, desktop virtualization, networking, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and cloud computing technologies. NComputing offers RX-series thin clients (both ARM and x86-based) and LEAF OS for use with Citrix.


Microsoft has expanded its offerings to include Azure Virtual Desktops (AVD), Windows 365, and Remote Desktop Services (RDS). NComputing offers RX-series thin clients (both ARM and x86-based) and LEAF OS for use with these Microsoft systems.


VERDE VDI is an affordable, enterprise-grade VDI platform built from the ground up on a secure Linux foundation. It's compatible with many endpoint devices including PCs, thin clients, software clients, and HTML5-enabled browsers to provide Windows or Linux desktops.

vSpace Pro Enterprise

vSpace Pro is an end-to-end virtualization solution delivering Windows® desktops to users. This platform supports eleven popular Windows® operating systems using NComputing thin clients, Chromebooks, or repurposed PCs running LEAF OS software.


PC Repurposing with LEAF OS

Repurpose aging computers & thin clients as powerful, locked-down endpoints.

LEAF OSRepurpose PCs and laptops

LEAF OS by NComputing is a small Linux-based operating system providing the basis for thin client computing. It enables access to virtual desktops on multiple platforms using any x86-64 based PC or thin client.

Save your money and get out of the PC-refresh cycle. LEAF OS can be installed directly on a hard drive converting aging x86-64 computers or thin clients into a powerful locked-down thin client. Put off forced investment in new hardware until it makes sense for you.

Designed and optimized for Citrix, Microsoft and NComputing desktop virtualizations.


Integration with the Citrix Workspace app allows LEAF OS to deliver a compelling software endpoint solution for Citrix enterprise customers.

Devices running on LEAF OS have multimedia capabilities such as Microsoft Teams optimization, HDX Adaptive Transport, Browser Content Redirection (BCR), and extensive USB peripheral devices support.

LEAF OS is fully optimized for Citrix HDX Ready ensuring that it meets the performance, security and manageability demands of the enterprise.


LEAF OS delivers simple-to-deploy, centrally managed endpoints designed and optimized for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Windows 365 Cloud PC, and Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

LEAF OS can revitalize old computers or thin clients into high-performing AVD, Windows 365 or RDP endpoints, and extend the affordability of these services by lowering the total cost of ownership.

Deployment and ongoing maintenance are simplified using PMC, our centralized endpoint management system.


VERDE VDI provides the most secure, easy-to-use, enterprise-grade virtual desktop infrastructure. LEAFOS enables easy & secure access to VERDE VDI.

Using LEAF OS devices to access VERDE Remote Access provides highly secure 24/7 connections without the need of a VPN from anywhere via the internet.

vSpace Pro Enterprise

Computers running LEAF OS can deliver virtual desktops from any one of 11 popular Windows operating systems via vSpace Pro Enterprise, including Windows 10 & 11, Windows Server 2019 and 2022.

LEAF OS features the NComputing vCAST Streaming technology which reduces the overall server-side CPU usage for web videos like YouTube or local media content without the need for expensive GPUs.

The new UXP Turbo protocol supported by LEAF OS delivers an enhanced desktop experience with PC-like performance for 3D rendering, browser scrolling, video playback and multimedia-intensive applications.

Simple, affordable and powerful.

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