Compute Smartly

Strategic Enterprise Partners

Our Strategic Enterprise Partners provide unique and valuable relationships for Citrix-ready enterprise customers requiring end-to-end world-class products and services. Our Strategic Entpersie Partners are fully authorized to provide Products, Services and Support with your NComputing evaluations and your organizations NComputing virtualization hardware and device management software needs.

North America

Mark III Systems is a leading digital and IT transformation solutions provider with a long, rich history of providing “full stack” technology solutions to enterprises and service providers across North America. Mark III offers clients a unique “full stack” approach to help them not only modernize and optimize core tech stacks in the datacenter, but also spin up and scale data-driven, digital transformation stacks in the datacenter, in the cloud, and on the edge.

IntraSystems is a highly respected IT consulting company, managed services provider, and systems integrator that specializes in the deployment and delivery of IT infrastructure, virtualization services, security, and cloud solutions. IntraSystems has the proven expertise in solving the many technology challenges that companies face today, such as keeping up with the ever-evolving security landscape, migrating to the cloud, and compliance requirements (i.e. GDPR, HIPAA, etc.).