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It's dominated vSpace deployments for more than a decade.
Introducing the L400 for vSpace Pro
We made it better.
Millions rely on the L300 for daily computing.


The same but different, in a good way

The L400 is a next-generation thin client for vSpace Pro, succeeding the wildly popular L300 and L350 models. Visually, the L400 maintains the same construct as the earlier models but with updated connection ports, internals, and an expanded feature set. 

Better Performance, More Flexibility

Built on the low-power Quadcore ARM architecture platform, the L400 features full-screen, Quad-HD (2560x1440) multimedia playback, and transparent USB redirection; the virtualized PC experience is seamless. Tuck it away with a VESA mount on the monitor, or let it sit quietly (there are no moving parts) on the tabletop.

L400 VESA mounted to monitor

vCast multimedia streaming

Take advantage of your assets

The L400 unlocks two of the best advancements made in vSpace Pro over the years - vCAST Streaming and UXP Turbo. vCast reduces server-side CPU usage when streaming media, both from sources like YouTube and local media content, all without requiring expensive GPUs. The results are awesome - smooth media streaming, lower network traffic, and reduced server CPU usage allowing for more concurrent users per server. UXP Turbo takes things up a notch with an enhanced desktop experience for 3D rendering, browser scrolling, video playback and multimedia-intensive applications that can take advantage of host systems with supported graphic cards.*

* UXP Turbo is available only in vSpace Pro Enterprise when running Windows 10, 11, or Windows Server 2022.

See and Be Seen

The name of the game is collaboration. USB Webcam support keeps you engaged and productive via popular video conferencing applications like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting and Skype.

Webcam support


Plug in what you want

Transparent redirection of device drivers from the server to the L400 provides extensive USB peripheral support for your entire deployment. Plug in what you want, including mass storage, printers, smart card readers, headsets or speakers, webcams, hubs, signature pads and COM ports in addition to the standard keyboard and mouse.


The L400 is easy to configure and automatically receives updates from vSpace Pro servers.

vSpace Console, the device management portion of vSpace Pro, allows for easy configuration and updates of devices. Manage and monitor your classrooms, sessions, and users in real time. With just a few clicks, administrators may define device setting templates and apply them to selected devices or hundreds at a time.

Subscribers to vSpace Pro AMP will also have access to PMC Endpoint Manager. This web-based tool can remotely manage NComputing thin clients over local and wide-area networks, including locations behind firewalls and NAT routers.

L400 architecture


Choose your Windows experience

vSpace Pro supports 11 popular Windows server and desktop operating systems. Use the L400 to access any of them, including Windows Server 2019, 2022, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

L400 Connections

  1. HDMI video output
  2. 10/100 Ethernet RJ45 port
  3. Kensington security port
  4. Speaker and microphone jacks
  5. 3 High-Speed USB 2.0 ports
  6. Power in (5V/3a USB-C)
  7. Power on/off switch

L400 connections

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