Compute Smartly
Replace your PCs with cloud-ready thin clients.
for vSpace Pro, VERDE VDI and Microsoft RDS
Replace your PCs with cloud-ready thin clients.
for vSpace Pro & VERDE VDI

NComputing has delivered more than 3 million low-cost thin clients worldwide. Our latest, the RX300, is built for productivity using the Raspberry Pi 3 platform.

The RX300 is a cloud-ready thin client designed and optimized specifically for NComputing’s award-winning vSpace Pro desktop virtualizations, NComputing VERDE VDI and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. RX300 features full-screen, full-motion HD multimedia playback with NComputing vCAST Streaming and support for Microsoft RemoteFX, WiFi connectivity and built-in transparent USB redirection with broad peripheral support.

The RX300 delivers a rich PC-like experience and provides a simple-to-deploy, centrally managed, high-performance virtual desktop, perfect for use in SMB and education.


Want to purchase a device for proof-of-concept? Get up to 5 devices.


Fully optimized for vSpace Pro, RX300 delivers virtual desktops from 11 popular Windows operating systems, including Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019. If Linux is more your style, the RX300 can also be used with vSpace for LInux.

RX300 for desktop virtualization

RX300 is Cloud-Ready with vCAST streaming support

Multimedia enhancement through NComputing vCAST streaming, UXP Turbo and Microsoft RemoteFX support

NComputing vCAST Streaming technology reduces the overall server-side CPU usage for web videos like YouTube or local media content without the need for expensive GPUs. This allows for higher quality media streaming utilizing the network bandwidth without server CPU bottlenecks, thereby supporting more concurrent users. vCAST Streaming is part of vSpace Pro, and available as an add-on for Microsoft RDS (SuperRDP Server Pack).

The new UXP Turbo protocol for vSpace Pro Enterprise delivers an enhanced desktop experience with PC-like performance for 3D rendering, browser scrolling, video playback and multimedia-intensive application running on Windows 10, Windows 11, or Windows Server 2022.

Enabling the Microsoft RemoteFX feature for RemoteApp or Remote Desktop connection greatly enhances the user's visual experience. Host systems equipped with supported graphic cards will especially benefit.



The RX300 is easy to configure and automatically receives updates from deployed vSpace Pro servers. Administrators may define a device template with all settings and configurations, then clone and push it to new devices. All can be centrally managed and provisioned by the IT admin with vSpace Pro, allowing control of hundreds of RX300 devices with just a few clicks. Users are always up-to-date with the latest technology.

We also offer PMC, a simple yet powerful device management solutions specifically designed for RX-series thin clients, as part of the AMP subscription.

Centralized Management

Native Webcam Support

All RX-series thin clients now support webcams compatible with popular video conferencing applications like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting and Skype. Stay productive and engage with your team when working-from-home or while distance learning.

Webcam support

RX300 has transparent USB redirection


With integrated transparent USB redirection, RX300 utilizes device drivers from the server side to provide extensive peripheral support including mass storage, printers, scanners, smart card readers, headsets or speakers, webcams, signature pads and COM ports in addition to the standard keyboard and mouse.

Enhanced single-touch and multi-touch screen support with built-in calibration tool are supported in both vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition and native RDP connections.

vSpace Pro opens the doors to programmable computers for educators and students.

We've added the ability to communicate directly with Arduino and BBC MicroBit programmable computers.

Now each user has their own environment for programming and writing to these platforms through the USB port on the thin client. Usually, this process would require dedicated PCs or Chromebooks with monthly per-user subscriptions.



Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Arduino boards are able to read inputs - light on a sensor, a finger on a button, or a Twitter message - and turn it into an output - activating a motor, turning on an LED, or publishing something online. You can tell your board what to do by sending a set of instructions to the microcontroller on the board.

BBC MicroBit

BBC Micro:Bit is another popular programming platform for all sorts of cool creations, from robots to musical instruments and is widely used in many schools around the world. It can be coded from any web browser in Blocks, Javascript, Python, Scratch and more.


Pi Zero SDA (HDMI)


With secondary display capability via NComputing's USB dongle (VGA or DVI) or Pi Zero SDA (HDMI) there is added screen real-estate for increased productivity.

Customizable flexible deployment through ethernet or Wi-Fi connections

The RX300 has 10/100 ethernet and Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n). The RX300+ has gigabit ethernet and dual-band 5 / 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n/ac). Organizations are no longer bound to the wiring infrastructure and can deploy these devices in any location with Wi-Fi access to deliver the desktop experience.

RX300 has built-in WI-FI

RX300 Connections

RX300 Connections

  1. Power in (5.1V micro USB)
  2. HDMI video output
  3. Speaker jack (16bit/44kHz/Stereo high quality audio)
  4. 10/100 Mbps Ethernet RJ45 port
  5. 4 High-Speed USB 2.0 ports with full USB redirection support (2 required for mouse and keyboard)
  6. Kensington security port
  7. Sleep mode button disables display output for power saving mode

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