Compute Smartly

vSpace PRO

Annual Maintenance Plan

  • FREE for qualified users
  • You may use vSpace Pro 11 for free if all of your compatible NComputing devices were manufactured after January 1st, 2015. If you have older devices you must comply with one of the following conditions:

    • Option 1: Purchase vSpace Pro AMP licensing for all of your compatible NComputing devices regardless of manufacture date.
    • Option 2: Purchase vSpace Pro Legacy Device licensing (vSpacePro-Old-1A) for all of the devices manufactured before January 1st, 2015. This license only permits the use of the older devices with vSpace Pro 11 and does not include the benefits of vSpace Pro AMP.
  • Free access includes:
    • Software updates
    • Firmware updates for supported thin clients
    • 24/7 access to documentation and self-help libraries
    • Management Portal access
    • 3 lifetime support tickets

  • vSpace Pro AMP
  • $12*
    Per device, billed annually.

    (Purchase SKU: NC-AMP-1a)

    Includes everything in FREE plus:

  • Access to vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition  
    • Latest Windows OS support including Windows Server 2019
    • Scalability for large deployments
    • Access to latest features
    • Health Monitoring for your servers 
  • Enhanced Support
    • Unlimited support tickets
    • Phone support
    • Live chat support
  • NComputing Legacy Device Support  
  • Complementary licenses
    • PMC device management software for RX300
    • Subscribe to AMP with coverage for 10 or more devices and get 5 free vSpace Pro Client software licenses (valued at $250)

* Price may differ by country. Excludes local taxes. 100% coverage required.

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