Compute Smartly
for vSpace PRO 11 & VERDE VDI and Microsoft RDS

Pi Management Console (PMC)

Simple device management for RX300 & RX-RDP

Manage your installation over local and wide-area networks, behind firewalls and NAT-routers. PMC is available as part of AMP for vSpace Pro 11 and Verde 8.2. Alternatively, PMC perpetual license (per thin client device) can be purchased separately. Please contact your NComputing sales representative for details.

Features include:

  • Easy-to-use web-based user interface.
  • Provision device profiles and push configurations to individual or grouped devices.
  • Schedule device firmware updates.
  • Remote firmware update for managed devices.
  • Deployed as a virtual appliance compatible with industry-standard hypervisors. 
  • Dashboard with auto-refreshing summary info. 
  • Detailed event logging with filtering capability.


Dashboard with side menu Administration events (filtered) Administration events (unfiltered) Administration files Device groups Device profiles Firmware update Configuration editor (1) Configuration editor (2) Configuration editor (3)

Try PMC for free. Download now from the support page.