Compute Smartly
for RX300 and RX-RDP devices

PMC Device Management

Simple & powerful device management for RX300 & RX-RDP

Manage your installation over local and wide-area networks, behind firewalls and NAT-routers. Automatic discovery, check-in, flexible configuration and provisioning of new devices makes deployment easy.

Schedule firmware updates and manage all your devices from a web browser.

The purchase of an RX-RDP device includes a built-in license for PMC. RX300 management via PMC requires either a subscription to AMP for vSpace Pro or AMP for VERDE VDI.

Features include:

  • Easy-to-use web-based user interface.
  • Provision device profiles and push configurations to individual or grouped devices.
  • Automatic discovery, Check-in and configuration provisioning of new devices.
  • Advanced hierarchical device grouping and profile assignment for cross organizational deployment.
  • Schedule device firmware updates.
  • Remote firmware update for managed devices.
  • Deployed as a virtual appliance compatible with industry-standard hypervisors. 
  • Dashboard with auto-refreshing summary info. 
  • Detailed event logging with filtering capability.


Dashboard Firmware update Organization Subnet group Subnet Manual group Administration Administration - Audit events (filtered) Setting editor 1 Setting editor 2 Setting editor 3 Setting editor 4

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