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x86-64 thin client
for Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, vSpace Pro and Verde VDI
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• Centralized management
• Powered by LEAF OS
• High-performance
• 4K dual display
• Gigabit Ethernet, dual-band    Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Enterprise-ready x86-64 thin client for Citrix, VMware Horizon, Microsoft, and NComputing desktop virtualization platforms.

The EX500 thin client is fully optimized for multiple virtualization platforms providing outstanding performance and value using the x86-64 CPU architecture. Features include 4K Ultra HD video, dual monitor ports, gigabit Ethernet, broad peripheral support and Wi-Fi all controlled by enterprise-grade device management software–a perfect platform for knowledge workers across the organization.

Multi-platform optimization

  • Citrix DaaS
  • Virtual Apps and Desktops
  • StoreFront
  • Microsoft Teams optimization
  • Browser Content Redirection (BCR)
  • Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)
  • Windows 365
  • Remote Desktop Services (RDS)
  • Microsoft Teams optimization
  • Microsoft AVD Endpoint Certified
  • vSpace Pro Enterprise
  • VERDE Remote Access
  • VMware Horizon
  • VMware Blast & RDP protocols
  • Microsoft Teams optimization
  • Browser Content Redirection (BCR)
  • Multimedia Redirection

Certifications and Testing

The EX500 is certified on several platforms. We've included available test results and marketplace links from the certification process.

Citrix Ready Endpoint Premium

EX500 for Citrix

Type & Test Test Result

This case was fully tested and has met the desired results.

Not Tested: This test case was not executed.

NA (Not Applicable): This test case is not applicable for this thin client because of the hardware/software or Citrix product support limitations.

Citrix Workspace Enablers  
Citrix Cloud Services, Citrix Workspace app and Citrix Workspace compatibility
File Upload and Download from Citrix session
Clipboard operation using default keyboard keys.
Launch the downloaded ICA file
Session launch in public mode (Managed guest session)
Video playback
Video call via 32 and 64-bit apps
Audio playback
Browser Content Redirection Not Tested
Single and Multiple USB devices redirection
USB redirection: Isochronous transfer testing with MTOP
Auto USB-Redirection of devices with Audio/Video functionality
High-Definition Webcam 
Single and Multi Monitor with different Resolutions
4K Monitor support
USB Speech Mic or Dictation Microphone compatibility Not Tested
USB Hubs
Visual Rich-graphics
Video codec for compression support
Pixel Lossless Compression validation: Always Lossless, Build to Lossless
Kiosk Mode  
Launch session in KIOSK mode
USB Redirection in Kiosk Mode
USB Printers
Network Printers Not Tested
Identity Providers  
Azure AD as an IdP Not Tested
Okta as an IdP Not Tested
Imprivata One-Sign as an IdP Not Tested

EX500 is Microsoft AVD Endpoint Certified.

VMware Ready End-User Computing

EX500 is certified for VMware.

EX500 Dual Monitor


Powered by Intel x86-64 CPU architecture (Intel Celeron J3455 quad-core 1.5Ghz with burst frequency up to 2.3Ghz) and LEAF OS, EX500 provides exceptional multimedia capabilities demanded by knowledge workers delivering resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160) in native dual display. EX500 features dual display capabilities via two HDMI ports.

Central management software keeps things optimized

EX500 and PMC

PMC dramatically reduces the administrative overhead needed to maintain and control the environment. A dashboard overview and detailed event log provides valuable information about the deployment. Define device profile configurations and push to individual or grouped devices. Schedule updates including firmware for optimal time slots. Remote login for admins for troubleshooting purposes. Easy-to-use for smaller organizations yet powerful enough to manage large cross-organizational deployments across multiple geographic locations.

EX500 USB ports

USB Support


EX500 allows transparent redirection of USB peripheral devices (and supports x86 drivers) for mass storage, printers, scanners, smart card readers, headsets or speakers, webcams, COM ports, and 3D mice in addition to the standard keyboards and mice. Network-connected printers can also be redirected to desktop virtualization sessions.

Microsoft Teams Optimization

Available on EX500 thin client and LEAF OS devices, audio and video streams in Microsoft Teams are offloaded from the Microsoft AVD, Windows 365, RDS, Citrix, and VMware Horizon sessions, enabling them to be processed locally on the client device. Deliver clear, crisp high-definition audio-video conferencing with integrated Microsoft Teams Optimization. Users can seamlessly participate in audio-video or audio-only calls to and from other users and other standards-based desktop video and conference room systems.

Local Application Support

LEAF OS includes select local applications that run on the device, not through a virtualization platform. Direct access to the web via Chromium Browser eliminates virtualization lag. Microsoft Teams and Zoom both benefit from direct audio/video relay eliminating common concerns of web conferencing through virtual platforms. Additional 3rd party Linux applications can be installed in LEAF OS via the custom module support to further extend its functionality. LEAF OS controls the availability of these apps and their deployment method, with a Guest Mode option for Kiosk-like use.


Powered by LEAF OS


LEAF OS is our small. Linux-based operating system designed specifically for secure, high-performance access to virtual desktops and cloud workspaces. Flexible in its deployment, LEAF OS enables user access to multiple virtual desktop platforms from thin clients and personal computers. Learn more about LEAF OS.

  • EX500 thin client purchase (SKU: 700-0038) comes with an activated LEAF OS perpetual license, 1-year Device AMP licensing coverage (software updates), and perpetual use of PMC Endpoint Manager.
  • Device AMP licensing is required after the first year to access software firmware updates and support. (sold separately SKU: NC-AMP-RXRDP-1A).
  • vSpace Pro Enterprise connections require purchase of SKU: vSpacePro-LeafOS.

EX500 Connections


  1. Power button
  2. USB 3.0 port
  3. USB 2.0 port
  4. DC Power
  5. HDMI port
  6. RJ45 Ethernet
  7. Aux/Mic 3.5mm audio
  8. Indicator light (behind)

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