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With over 70,000 customers and 20 million daily users in 140 countries, NComputing offers comprehensive desktop virtualization solutions at disruptively affordable price points, redefining the economics of virtualization. An NComputing partnership will give you the unique opportunity to present smart, secure solutions to those seeking the advantages and benefits of desktop virtualization. 

We believe in computing experiences that are accessible to all. You can empower underserved users and understaffed customers with a proven set of end-to-end solutions that make sense today and into the future. In addition to a standard reseller model, we offer a comprehensive MSP model that was built from the ground up to provide high valued Desktop as a Service (DAAS).

As a channel-centric company, we recognize the added value, experience, and knowledge our partners provide. We designed our partner program to help facilitate your success in delivering the best-of-breed solutions. We hope you'll join us.


Why partner with NComputing?

“Straightforward solutions such as NComputing’s portfolio have good applicability to market segments where low cost and ease of deployment are prime requirements…”  


Partnering with NComputing provides you with proven solutions on which to base your desktop virtualization practice and grow your business. By demonstrating to customers how they can slash their PC acquisition and maintenance costs, you will continue to be in a unique position as a trusted advisor – guiding your customers on how they should redirect and invest these savings to meet their key stakeholders’ requirements while maximizing incremental revenue.

As you advise your customers on how to optimize their IT budgets through redirecting their savings on PC acquisition & maintenance costs, you’ll be well positioned to increase your attach rate of added value networking, storage, security, business applications solutions and professional services.

Increase your profitability with award-winning products, a straight forward partner program built on competitive margins and discounts. We empower you to deliver a full end-to-end desktop virtualization solution to your customers.

Whether you call it VDI, Hosted Virtual Desktops or Desktop-as-a-Managed-Service, the common denominator is virtualization that revolutionizes desktop management for organizations of all types and sizes. The worldwide personal computing market is expected to undergo a massive refresh over the next 12-18 months as users prepare to deploy either Windows 10 or emerging cloud-based desktop offerings. This is the generational time of transition, and savvy companies are indicating they will introduce VDI into their IT strategies during this timeframe.

Three factors that are contributing to the growth of the global VDI market:

  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX
  • Workplace flexibility and business agility
  • Improved security

The growing use of mobile devices has also sparked interest. The adoption of BYOD policies has required IT departments to oversee a wide range of systems running a hodgepodge of operating systems. Companies are scanning the VDI market to find an offering that has the ability to manage these endpoints from a central location.

“Cloud-based VDI is an emerging concept among companies in many countries and is expected to witness rapid acceptance in the near future. Analysts forecast the Cloud-based VDI market in the US to grow at a CAGR of 39.31 percent over the period 2015-2019“. - IDC

The VDI market is seeing a resurgence as VDI 2.0 takes hold.

  • Security is the single biggest factor driving VDI adoption.
  • Implementation is skyrocketing in financial services, healthcare and government.
  • BYOD policies make VDI a natural solution.
  • Analysts forecast the Cloud-based VDI market in the US will grow at a CAGR of 39.31 percent over the period 2015-2019.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has many advantages over stand-alone PC deployment when it comes to security, cost, flexibility and agility. For many years VDI was limited to enterprise-level organizations due to high costs and support requirements. Today, we're bringing affordable VDI to SMBs.

NComputing is committed to providing world-class solutionss that fit the SMB. By offering breakthrough performance at disruptive price points, the NComputing desktop virtualization solutions redefine the economics of computing.

We have deployed virtualization solutions across government, education, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and countless others industries. Our solutions dramatically reduce PC hardware and maintenance costs, achieve Green IT goals, and provide a competitive advantage for those who choose to compute smartly.

As an NComputing Partner you'll deliver on the promise of a simple, powerful and affordable computing experience without compromise.

Partner types

We offer a few different partner types. Our partners receive discounts on NComputing products, and support to facilitate your sales pipeline. We recently held a webinar introducing NComputing to Managed Service Providers. We welcome all prospective partners to review it as part of your application.


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