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A 3-user kit for LAN configurations

The NComputing MX-series is our latest 3-user thin client kit that changes the game for affordable and green computing. It is a desktop virtualization solution comprising of vSpace Server software and MX-series thin client access devices.

The MX-series rewrites new affordability standards in shared computing by slashing as much as 65% in acquisition cost, 80% in maintenance cost and 90% in energy cost when compared to an all PC-based solution. Made possible by the MX-series’ simplicity, high performance, manageability, security and low cost.

The MX-series combines the best features of NComputing’s widely popular M-series and X-series with enhanced multimedia performance, superior graphics and support for the Gigabit network.

The green advantage of MX100 helps organizations pursue their missions, with effective IT solutions, while at the same lessening their environmental impact.

Simple, Powerful & Affordable

The MX-series is the benchmark for a low cost, simple, powerful and affordable PC Expansion alternative. As the industry's premier 3-in-1 thin client offering, the MX-series delivers a high-quality, media-rich Windows desktop experience to 3-users. Architected as an end-to-end solution and built to be simple to deploy, operate and maintain; the hardware, software and protocol components work seamlessly to provide the ultimate user experience. The effectiveness of the solution ensures that users are unaware that their desktop is running from a single computer and the whole solution can be managed by users with only basic IT computer skills.

  • Slash acquisition cost by 65%, maintenance cost by 80% and energy cost by 90% (compared to an all PC solution)
  • Deliver up to 70% saving in TCO over 5 years
  • Extend your desktop refresh periods by a factor of two
  • One MX100 kit supports 3-users and costs less than a single PC
  • Fewer PCs to manage equals lower computing costs per user
  • Better utilization of IT resources
  • NComputing's lowest cost per seat thin client offering

  • Rich Windows PC experience:
    • Full screen Windows desktops
    • Supports HD Multimedia
    • USB peripheral support
  • Simple to deploy, maintain and manage
  • Centralized management of hosted Windows desktops
  • All users benefit from performance, application and security updates simultaneously
  • Integrated messaging features
  • Integrated desktop monitoring
  • Flexibility in deployment options (LAN vs Direct Connect

  • Consumes less power (2W per user, typical)
  • Generates less heat
  • Lasting and durable
  • Produces less eWaste

Use cases

The MX100S is compatible with NComputing vSpace Server 8.4 and vSpace Pro. MX100S is also compatible with vSpace for Linux.

Feature MX100S
Connect to host computer over an existing network (LAN)
Energy saving
NComputing's lowest cost/seat thin client
3-users per kit
Device management included
Simple to deploy, use and manage

MX100S: Connect to the host computer via LAN.

Using your existing LAN, 3 users can connect to the vSpace Server through a single network connection. 

MX100S Architecture


  1. Headphones (audio-out)
  2. USB 2.0
  3. Microphone (analog-in)
MX100 Front connections
  1. Satellite link
  2. Satellite VGA
  3. DC Power
  4. RJ45 - LAN
  5. Primary VGA
  6. Primary Keyboard & Mouse
  7. Satellite Keyboard & Mouse
  8. Link to Primary
MX100 Rear connections

Feature comparison & FAQ

See how the MX-series compares to our popular legacy products.

Connection method to host:

  X550 M300 MX100S
PCI card (full-height)    

Maximum distance to host:

  X550 M300 MX100S
Cat 5e 5M 100M 100M
Cat 6 10M 100M 100M

Mouse connection:

  X550 M300 MX100S
USB 1.1    
USB 2.0    
One open USB 2.0 port per station  

Microphone port:

  X550 M300 MX100S
8-bit mono    
10-bit mono    

Audio port:

  X550 M300 MX100S
8-bit stereo (AM quality)  
16-bit stereo (CD quality)    

Maximum screen resolution:

  X550 M300 MX100S
1400 x 900  
1920 x 1080    

Ethernet port:

  X550 M300 MX100S
10/100 Mbps    
10/100/1000 Mbps    
Max users per vSpace Server 11 1 46 2 46 3


1. 11 (5 users x 2 cards + host)

2. 46 (15 M300 kits x 3 users + host)

3. 46 (15 MX kits x 3 users + host)


Peripheral support:

  X550 M300 MX100S

Power source:

  X550 M300 MX100S
PoE (Power over ethernet)    
Power adapter  
Low power usage (1-2W)

How many users can each MX100 kit support?

Every MX100 kit supports 3-users.

What’s versions of vSpace Server software support the MX100?

All MX100 kits require vSpace Server for Windows version 8.4 or later. Earlier versions of vSpace Server software do not support the MX-series devices and you will not be able to use MX-series devices on these earlier versions of vSpace Server software. MX100S will also work with vSpace for Linux.

How many MX100S users can be supported by a single vSpace Server host computer?

The number of users that can be supported depends primarily on the capability and resources available to the host computer running the vSpace Server software.

For general office productivity computing needs, NComputing recommends 1GHz of CPU performance and 2GB DRAM for each user. Using these parameters, a single quad-core CPU clocked at 3.0GHz with 24GB DRAM can support up to 12 users.

Can MX100S Standard Edition kits, L250, L300 and L350 devices be deployed on the same Host vSpace Server computer?

Yes, a vSpace Server host computer can support any combination of these devices. Note the vSpace Server version 8.4 (or later) is required to support MX100 devices.

Can I replace the supplied 2m USB 2.0 A/B cable with a longer cable?

Yes, you must use a high quality USB 2.0 cable (USB 1 cables are not supported), the maximum supported cable length is 5m for a USB 2.0 A/B cable.

What is the maximum VGA cable length that I can use with MX100 devices?

The length of VGA cable that can be used will depend very much on the quality of the monitor being connected to and the VGA cable itself. With a good quality monitor and cable you should be able to use cables up to 5m. With poor quality monitors and cables you may be limited to using cable lengths of 2-3m.

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