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Why vSpace Pro?

vSpace Pro is the natural evolution of our patented and award-winning vSpace Server, supporting the latest Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10* OS on NComputing thin clients - delivering a true PC desktop experience for the end user.

vSpace Pro is an end-to-end turnkey solution that streamlines your desktop virtualization deployment management - with brand new integrated premium features and cloud services.

Combined with our thin client families, slash your acquisition costs by 65% and save 80% in maintenance costs and 90% in energy bills (compared to an all PC solution).


Cost Effective

Easy to Setup

Centralized management

Centralized Management

Integrated cloud features

Integrated Cloud Premium Features

Increased productivity

Increased Productivity

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Introducing VSpace Console

With vSpace Pro, we introduce our redesigned admin console with a truly modern and intuitive UI/UX. Previously known as NC-Console, vSpace Console provides centralized management of all your connected vSpace Servers in addition to other device management features.

Introducing VSpace Manager

Centrally manage your local software licenses and premium features allocation to connected vSpace Servers with the vSpace Manager. You can now reduce your IT management complexity by having the flexibility to allocate, reallocate software licenses among the connected vSpace Servers.

Easy setup

Management Portal

Enables Flexible Desktop Virtualization

Introducing the NComputing Management Portal, your cloud based dashboard. The Management Portal provides remote access to your NComputing software licensing and premium features via any browser.

The Management Portal eliminates the risk of losing your software licenses even if the entire local deployment crashes.

Deliver the latest Windows desktop experience

vSpace Pro supports all the 9 popular Windows Operating System versions, including the latest Windows 10 desktop along with Windows Server 2016.

Now you can access the latest Windows store, Windows desktop and applications like Cortana and Edge Browser.

Windows 10

Thin clients


All existing NComputing hardware thin client families (L-series, M-series, MX-series, CX-series), vSpace Pro Client for Chrome and Windows are supported, plus the new RX300 thin client based on the Raspberry Pi3 platform.

Premium Features Value Pack*

The vSpace Pro Premium Features Value Pack includes licenses for Dual Monitor, vCAST, and Health Monitoring to fully optimize your computing environment and deliver the ultimate PC-like experience.

1-year license saves 40%

3-year license saves 50%

Contact sales for more information.


vSpace PRO Premium Features Bundle

RX300 is Cloud-Ready with vCAST streaming support


vCAST streaming delivers direct video streaming to client devices, thereby reducing the overall server-side CPU usage when users watch web videos like YouTube or local media content without the need for expensive GPUs. This results in higher quality media streaming using the network bandwidth without CPU bottlenecks and allows increased number of concurrent users.

Supported on RX300, vSpace Pro Client for Windows, vSpace Pro Client for Chrome

Supported on RX300, vSpace Pro Client for Windows

Supported on L-series, M-series, MX-series

Health Monitoring

Deploy vSpace desktop virtualization with confidence by monitoring your Windows and vSpace resource utilization through the cloud dashboard. It's now easy to access and see insights into key health metrics including memory usage, connected servers, CPU utilization, and active users. Receive real-time alerts on excessive usage with the NComputing Health Monitor companion mobile app.

Health Monitoring

Dual monitor support

Dual Monitor Display Capability

Extend your desktop to increase productivity. Available on vSpace Pro Client for Windows and RX300.* 

*RX300 requires separate NComputing USB dongle (VGA or DVI) for the second monitor display.

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Here's what our clients have to say

The response has been so overwhelmingly positive
that we decided to share with you some of the kind words.

The combination of simple implementation, low management overhead, and low costs is coupled with a high-quality PC experience.
NComputing Vendor Profile

NComputing allowed us to be smart without worrying about buying lots of clunky kit and hiring more IT staff.
Matthew Evans
IT Director
Explore Learning
We haven’t had to do any work on a student device the entire year, which is pretty incredible. It’s like nothing I’ve ever supported before.
Todd Pilch
Technology Director
Sisters School District
NComputing devices and software deployed at ESIC hospitals ensure effective and optimum utilization of resources at minimum cost to ESIC beneficiaries
Ashok Tripathy
General Manager
WIPRO Infotech
The fast deployment-followed by cost benefit, zero downtime, the openness of use with any operating system, and optimum space utilisation-made this one of the best services we have received to date.
P. K. Sinha
CEO, Centre of Excellence & Director
Astric Computers
NComputing shared desktop computing technology delivers significant cost savings, which we can re-invest in software and services to ensure our students benefit from the most advanced and high standard of curriculum possible.
Dr. J S Sodhi
Head IT
Amity Education



vSpace Pro is free to download, but requires that you are logged in to your account. Please login, or create a free account now.




  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 U1
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
  • Windows MultiPoint Server 2012
  • Windows MultiPoint Server 2011
  • Windows 10 (64-bit) *
  • Windows 8.1 (64-bit) *
  • Windows 7 (64-bit) *
  • Integrates with server virtualization infrastructure solutions from VMWare, Citrix and Microsoft



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