What is VERDE VDI™?

VERDE VDI provides the smartest virtual desktop infrastructure, with market-leading densities and storage optimizations offering the ability to treat Windows and Linux clients as equal citizens. All at a fraction of the cost of our competitors solutions.

Equal Treatment

Windows and Linux

VERDE VDI is the best way to support Linux. We give it equal status. No special plugins or workarounds. We treat Linux as an equal citizen with Windows




VERDE VDI was built organically, from the ground up by security professionals. Which is why its preferred by the likes of the NSA, CIA and CSEC.


No WAN Latency

No WAN Latency

VERDE Cloud Branch is a revolutionary architecture that addresses the shortcomings of VDI, providing fast access from anywhere.


Fast ROI

Fast ROI

Your investment pays off quick with hardware efficiencies, all-in-one pricing, and workload optimization between Windows and Linux


Why is VERDE VDI special?

VERDE VDI addresses the shortcomings faced by large, decentralized organizations with standard VDI deployments, in particular WAN latency.

Users demand responsiveness, so we eliminated WAN latency.

Whether you’re at headquarters or a remote office, the user experience is fast and secure.

How does VERDE VDI differ from vSpace Pro?

Both are virtualization platforms

vSpace Pro delivers desktop sessions, which are identical copies of the host server. Everyone connecting to a vSpace server gets the same OS and application set.

VERDE VDI delivers individual virtual machines, where each connected user has a choice of OS and application set (as prescribed by the administrator)


VERDE VDI Cloud Fabric is Multi-Tenant

Flexible choice between centralized or decentralized processing

  • Ability to scale globally within an enterprise with automatic replication to regional data centers.
  • LAN performance and availability over wide-area-network (WAN)
  • Remote Branch Office / Data Center / MSP organization can scale horizontally from one to thousands of servers

  • Tenants can be assigned to a specific server or group of servers within a VERDE cluster (Org B & C)
  • Enables dedicated resources per tenant
    •  Max Number of Users
    •  vRAM, #vCPUs, User Image Size
  • Tenants can have on-premise infrastructure co-located with their applications and data

Storage Optimizer

Lowest storage CapEX

  • Integrated solution
  • Leverages inexpensive NAS
  • No need for expensive SSD or 3rd-party software solutions


Reduced storage and IT management requirements

  • Reduces number of unique images by separating the User Layer from the shared OS image
  • Shared OS images automatically cached on VERDE cluster and branch server-based Direct Attached Storage (DAS

Storage Optimizer

VERDE VDI Architecture


Cut your Storage Costs in Half
The need for costly storage solutions—and lots of it—is a significant challenge to desktop virtualization. NComputing takes a unique and innovative approach to caching that dramatically reduces network traffic to optimize storage, boost performance and cut costs.
How VDI Secures Your Data
How to Secure Your Data with the VERDE VDI™ Private Cloud Solution. The Most Secure VDI For Your Data.


Success Stories

Reducing Operating Costs by 30% with VDI
A Desktop Cloud Environment for Anywhere, Anytime Learning
LMU streamlines IT operations and improves service to students with virtual desktop solution
DoD finds the solution that fits the mixed world of Windows and Linux in an easy to use and secure virtual desktop solution

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