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Nov 20, 13

Computers in classrooms have become an important part of education in German schools. However, until recently nearly 80% of secondary school students didn’t have access to ICT technology in core classes such as German, Mathematics, English and Biology. One of the reasons for this technological gap was that schools didn’t have the capacity and equipment required for widespread computer use.

Nov 12, 13

European educators recognise that information technology should be a core component in the education of younger children. But, traditional IT was letting teachers and students down.

Personal computers have proved to be increasingly unreliable in classrooms and costly to maintain. With school budgets constrained in most European countries, replacing obsolete PCs with the latest hardware able to run newer multi-media applications is hard to justify. Finding educational ICT that combines affordability with performance that supports ambitious e-learning is key.

Nov 01, 13

The Government of Ghana has embarked on a bold mission to transform its education system, with the goal of by widening students’ access to e-learning without being faced with spiralling IT costs and massive energy bills.

Oct 24, 13

Like many British schools, Camden School for girls in North London was in urgent need of upgrading its ICT systems and providing wider access to computing to students and teachers on campus. However, budget constraints and issues with aging PC desktops that, over time, would require constant upkeep and maintenance meant that replacing all PCs with new computers would require high capital costs which the school couldn’t afford.

Oct 08, 13

Here at NComputing we are committed to providing exceptional and ongoing value to our worldwide customers. This means engaging in a continual cycle of innovation, customer response and enhancements to our products to offer the very best thin clients for a customer’s Citrix HDX deployment.  

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Jul 16, 13

This year’s eLearning Africa helped shed some light on the true state of technological innovation in Africa. During my presentation at the event, I ran a video featuring our African customers and partners speaking about their experience with technology. I think this was key for the audience as the interviews offered an interesting insight into the real ICT needs of the customers as well as useful examples of how they innovate with our technology to overcome local constraints.

Jun 19, 13

NComputing understands that every organization’s IT infrastructure is a key investment in their future success.  NComputing products that customers have chosen are an important part of this infrastructure.  To assure that we provide exceptional ongoing value to our customers, NComputing engages in a continual cycle of innovation, customer response and enhancements to our products.  These enhancements are then made available to each customer through our support services, which provides software updates and upgrades, online web resources and access to our knowledgeable an

May 25, 13

Africans have worked with us and our local partners to create their own innovative solutions for widening access to information technology in education and training for several years now. In the run-up to the continent’s most important event on ICT in education – eLearning Africa – we’re looking back on some educational success stories with our desktop virtualisation solutions in Africa.