Compute Smartly
• Premium performance
• Powered by Raspberry Pi 4
• 4K Native Dual Display

RX420(IGEL) / RX440(IGEL)

A Next Generation Enterprise-Ready Thin Client for Citrix

The RX420(IGEL) enterprise thin client, powered by IGEL OS on the latest Raspberry Pi4 platform, brings premium performance and native dual display support to the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub family.

It is optimized for Citrix HDX which makes certain that it meets the performance, security and manageability demands of the enterprise.

Through close collaboration with Citrix, the RX420(IGEL) is part of the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub program which will solve innovative use cases around enterprise IoT dealing with workplace transformation.

Citrix Ready workspace hub provides many key benefits for enterprises:


RX420 (IGEL) benefits

RX420(IGEL) desktop


NComputing is an official Citrix HDX Ready Pi partner. The RX420(IGEL) is fully optimized for Citrix HDX Ready integration delivering a low-cost and powerful desktop virtualization solution for enterprises.

Powered by the latest Raspberry Pi 4 platform with quadcore Broadcom SoC and IGEL OS(RPI4), RX420(IGEL) delivers premium performance and provides up to 4K Ultra HD multimedia capabilities demanded by knowledge works and in other demanding environments using minimum power consumption.

The RX420(IGEL) thin client incorporates full client-side rendering for efficient playback of video content, with resolutions up to 4K@60Hz single display or 4K@30Hz dual display.

Easy, Efficient Enterprise Management & Control

The IGEL Universal Management Suite and its simple yet powerful user interface makes it easy for a non-expert to control and manage from just a few to up to 300,000 connected devices with minimal training. Easy, profile-based drag & drop configuration & management, and highly scalable with HA/disaster recovery.

Simplify typical management tasks such as firmware updates, configuration changes, and device resets, even in hybrid environments. IGEL Cloud Gateway manages and controls remote/off-network users with secure HTTPS based protocol to replace expensive VPNs.

IGEL Architecture

RX420(IGEL) Citrix Ready Workspace Hub

(COMING SOON) Session roaming and screen casting to the workspace hub is supported on these versions of the Citrix Workspace app.

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Citrix Casting and proximity authentication

The RX420(IGEL) Citrix Ready Workspace Hub is a secure, powerful and low cost enterprise thin client & IoT hub that transforms the workplace.

Improve employee productivity with session roaming and screen casting, allowing a Citrix session to pass from a mobile device to the workspace hub, or redirect the display from their device to an unoccupied workspace hub connected to the TV in the conference room.

RX420(IGEL( dual monitor

RX420(IGEL) USB view

Flexible Endpoint and IoT Hub

RX420(IGEL) provides flexible endpoint deployment with built-in Gigabit Ethernet and dual-band 2.4/5Ghz Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n/ac) with 802.1x connectivity.

These endpoints are also IoT edge devices, part of the Citrix Workspace IoT. Azure Edge technology adds the ability to execute workflow automation.


RX420(IGEL) allows transparent redirection of USB peripheral devices including mass storage, printers, scanners, smart card readers, headsets or speakers, webcams, and many more to come in addition to the standard keyboard and mouse. Network-connected printers can also be redirected to Citrix sessions.

RX420(IGEL) USB support