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VDI Predictions for the new year

We had some fantastic developments to announce in 2016, from being ranked the third biggest thin client vendor worldwide, to working with Google on our Chromebook CX110 launch, to shipping our one millionth L300 model unit.

This year we will continue working closely with our customers to provide updates and releases that will continue to enhance their experience. We have several significant initiatives coming up in Q1, starting with the launch of next-generation thin client solution with a new business model to further reduce the initial acquisition cost. We are also expanding our cloud services and enablement to speed up the desktop virtualization deployment further with ease and confidence.

Here are some predictions from our team on wider industry trends:

Young Song; Co-Founder, CEO predicts that in 2017, there will be an emergence of personal computing on virtual machines in the cloud, and “personal use” will grow as a new market that thin client solutions can and should explore. And with the number of devices per household on the rise, the total cost of ownership will become a significant factor and may pivot toward this new trend.

Richard Sah; Co-Founder, CTO predicts that in 2017, end user computing will be spread across various devices where each device serves its purpose. Desktop computing will remain as the main device for productivity activities. 2017 will see the rebirth of thin clients to be smarter and more intelligent, working directly with the cloud for a complete cloud computing experience.

Frank Pesek; Co-Founder, Chief Software Architect predicts that in 2017, we will see a rise in the adoption of Linux desktops due to security concerns. A good example is the systems used by government entities working on Linux OS to protect against the high risk of security breaches. Additionally, with the rise in the adoption of Chrome OS, we can see that the end users are getting comfortable with non-Windows OS. 

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