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Meltdown and Spectre - Do they affect your thin clients?

Meltdown and Spectre made big news in the last couple of days as exploits of critical vulnerabilities in modern processors.

Security has always been and continues to be of paramount importance for NComputing. Please find the detailed information pertaining to each hardware product family as it relates to these vulnerabilities:

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We've made the Finals–Vote for NComputing today.

We've made the Final 10 in the Citrix Ready Spotlight Video contest for 2017. Here's our entry:

Please take a moment to go to the contest page and VOTE for NComputing - it's really easy:

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Free yourself from the Countdown to Slowdown

Computing at work is something most of us take for granted. Companies provide equipment that we use until it either falls apart or the celebrated 3-year PC refresh cycle kicks in (yours is 5 years? Ouch!). Booting up a new work computer calls for a celebration - those spinning balls of death eating your productivity are about to be squashed. But that first keystroke begins anew the inevitable "Countdown to Slowdown."

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RX300 support and premium features added to vSpace Pro 10 in latest release

Premium Features Deliver Our Best vSpace Pro Platform!

We are thrilled to announce new Premium Features in our latest vSpace Pro 10.3 release.

With vSpace Pro 10.3, IT Administrators now deliver a fast, full function computing environment that provides end-users the same experience as a PC.

The new features include…

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Using NComputing for Digital Sign solutions

Do you have a need for affordable, simplified Digital Signage? NComputing endpoint devices such as L300\L350 and the new RX300 can be utilized for simple, centrally managed digital sign solutions.

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NComputing Acquires VERDE Workspaces


Today we are very excited to announce the acquisition of VERDE Workspaces and welcome VERDE VDI as part of the NComputing product family.

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VDI Predictions for the new year

We had some fantastic developments to announce in 2016, from being ranked the third biggest thin client vendor worldwide, to working with Google on our Chromebook CX110 launch, to shipping our one millionth L300 model unit.