Compute Smartly

LEAF OS and Its Revolutionary Innovation in Circular Technology: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


NComputing has long embraced the concept of maximizing resource use through its foundational principles of doing more with less. With 20 years of innovation, NComputing technology is now utilized by 20 million users across 140 countries daily.

Electronic waste is a significant and growing global problem. Many people don't consider their PCs as toxic waste, but while electronic waste accounts for just 2% of landfill trash, it comprises 80% of the toxic waste found there. This issue is exacerbated by excessive consumption and planned obsolescence, which shortens product life cycles, falsely suggesting that the mere passage of time renders products obsolete.

In our current era of heightened environmental awareness, it is crucial to think strategically about minimizing negative impacts and promoting sustainability for future generations.

NComputing asked itself several key questions: How can we offer sustainable technology that promotes reuse? How can we minimize and reduce electronic waste's environmental impact? What methods can we develop to reduce carbon footprints through efficient use of our platforms and those of our partners? How can we transform potential waste into a resource, making computing more accessible to more people?

With these considerations, LEAF OS was created. NComputing's LEAF OS helps delay the need for new hardware investments, allowing for the reuse and recycling of existing equipment until renewal is truly necessary.

LEAF OS is a compact, Linux-based operating system designed for thin client computing. It enables access to virtual desktops across multiple platforms using any x86-64 based PC, laptop, or thin client.

LEAF OS can be installed directly on a hard drive, transforming older x86-64 computers or thin clients into powerful, secure thin clients. It is optimized for Citrix, Microsoft AVD, Windows 365, Microsoft RDS, VMware Horizon, Amazon WorkSpaces, and NComputing virtualization platforms, including vSpace Pro Enterprise and VERDE VDI.

NComputing's green advantage helps reduce our global environmental impact, and LEAF OS offers an opportunity to optimize resources and minimize electronic waste, all in pursuit of a more sustainable future.

Think globally, act locally. If you're interested in reducing, reusing, and recycling your old equipment, LEAF OS may be the solution you're looking for.