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NComputing Launches MX100, The New Hybrid 3-User Thin Client Kit for Virtual Desktops

MX100 3-user thin client kit

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of MX100 series, a new hybrid 3-user thin client kit for Windows virtualization, delivering both performance and a rich user experience an affordable price.

In MX100, we have combined the best features of our widely popular M-series and X-series, keeping in mind those of you working in the Education and SMB workgroup computing environment.

The kit is designed based on the feedback from existing customers and is available in two models – MX100 Direct Connect Edition (MX100D) and MX100 Standard Edition (MX100S).

Consider MX100D (Direct Connect Edition) kit if:

  • You have limited or no Local Area Network
  • You are looking to have 3-9 users share a single host computer
  • You want all your users to access full-screen Windows desktops with PC- like experience
  • You want to save on energy bills

MX100D uses PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) to directly connect to your host computer running vSpace Server software* through the provided PCI Express card for connectivity and power.

This supports up to 9 users for a single room deployment scenario, eliminating the need for a separate power adapter, network switch or any 3rd party hardware or software.

It is designed for use where there is no existing Local Area Network infrastructure.

Consider MX100S (Standard Edition) kit if:

  • You are looking to support up to 45 users from a single, suitability configured host computer
  • You want all your users to access full-screen Windows desktops with PC-like experience
  • You have a large deployment that needs to support 10’s or 100’s of networked users

The MX100S Standard Edition uses a standard Local Area Network to communicate with a server running vSpace Server software*. It is designed for the use with an existing Local Area Network infrastructure, enabling the MX100 access devices to be located anywhere on the LAN.


MX-series | Click here to learn more


This gives you the option to use the devices at a much greater distance from the vSpace Server software*host computer when compared to the MX100D Direct Connect Edition.

About vSpace Server Software*
vSpace Server software is a fully integrated end-to-end desktop and application virtualization platform that works with NComputing’s thin client solutions. It delivers the features and performance equal to or better than a dedicated PC user endpoint device. For more information, visit:

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