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How NComputing and VMware Horizon Transforms Your Desktop Experience

Are you looking for a way to access VMware Horizon virtual desktops from any device, anywhere, anytime? Do you want to repurpose your old PCs and laptops as thin clients for desktop virtualization? Do you want to save money, reduce maintenance, and improve security?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the new integration between NComputing and VMware Horizon is the solution you need.

NComputing and VMware Horizon provide a compelling software endpoint solution for enterprise customers. NComputing offers EX-series thin clients and LEAF OS for use with VMware Horizon.

Energy-efficient and affordable, the EX-series thin clients connect to VMware Horizon virtual desktops and applications. They support VMware Blast and RDP protocols and have multimedia capabilities such as Microsoft Teams optimization, HTML5 Multimedia Redirection (HTML5 MMR), Browser Content Redirection, Multimedia Redirection (MMR), and extensive USB peripheral devices support. EX-series are fully optimized and certified for VMware Ready for End-User Computing, ensuring that they meet the enterprise’s performance, security, and manageability demands.

LEAF OS is a highly optimized Linux-based operating system that provides users access to virtual desktops using their personal computers, including out-of-date x86-64 thin clients, PCs, and laptops. Deploy LEAF OS in two different configurations: installed directly on a hard drive, converting the host computer into a powerful thin client, or running from a USB drive, leaving the user’s existing operating system and files untouched. LEAF OS is fully optimized and certified forVMware Ready for End-User Computing. EX-series thin clients and LEAF OS software endpoint solutions are compatible with various platforms and technologies for desktop virtualization, such as Citrix, Microsoft AVD, Windows 365, Microsoft RDS, vSpace Pro Enterprise, and VERDE VDI.

NComputing and VMware Horizon integration allow users to enjoy the benefits of desktop virtualization with minimal hardware and software requirements, and maximum flexibility and security. Users can access their VMware Horizon virtual desktops and applications fromalmost any device, anywhere, anytime, using EX-series thin clients and LEAF OS. Learn morehere.