Compute Smartly

Increasing the value of your NComputing infrastructure

NComputing understands that every organization’s IT infrastructure is a key investment in their future success.  NComputing products that customers have chosen are an important part of this infrastructure.  To assure that we provide exceptional ongoing value to our customers, NComputing engages in a continual cycle of innovation, customer response and enhancements to our products.  These enhancements are then made available to each customer through our support services, which provides software updates and upgrades, online web resources and access to our knowledgeable and responsive Support Engineers.

The key to accessing this ongoing value is membership in the NComputing Support and Subscription (SnS) programs, which are available for the vSpace Server and vSpace Management Center software products. 

For example, customers who have purchased rights to our vSpace Server 7.0 version are eligible for Basic Support for 1 year, which provides software updates, access to online resources and a limited number of email or phone support only during local business hours.  But only customers who have purchased SnS have access to software upgrades to future versions of vSpace Server and the additional functionality and enhancements introduced by NComputing.  In addition, SnS subscriptions provide further benefits such as unlimited support incidents and enhanced response times.

Purchasing support subscriptions is easy (they are sold as renewable per seat licenses) and are available in two versions to help you meet your business needs:  Standard SnS and Premium SnS.  At NComputing, our continual innovation is our investment in your future success.

Visit for more information on NComputing SnS programs.

Carla Nichols, Sr. Director, Global Customer Support