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Welcome to the NComputing VERDE Software Partner page featuring VERDE VDI, the enterprise-grade, affordable, easy-to-manage virtual desktop management and provisioning infrastructure. 

VERDE VDI can help you set apart from the “Me too” crowd of VMware and Citrix partners: 

  • Differentiated offering: VERDE is the only purpose built Tier-one VDI solution on the market. 
  • Lower cost to customer: We are typically half the cost of VMware or Citrix. 
  • Lower cost of sales for partner: We do not require expensive university certification and we don’t cost you lots of resources to get a customer up and running. And, don’t worry, your existing Citrix or VMware-trained resources will find VERDE to be a breath of fresh air when it comes to deploying or supporting. 
  • Unique and flexible use case coverage: A solution that scales down to the sub-500 user level with ease, (with an upwards migration path!), but also scales up to the 100K user level or higher. Furthermore, with Linux, remote branch coverage and a number of deployment modes, we have the most comprehensive and easy-to-use solution on the market. 
  • Thin client or repurpose: We offer our own fully-integrated thin client, giving you and your customers relief from finger-pointing with "one throat to choke” responsible for the end-to-end desktop virtualization solution and support. If thin clients are not for you, we have agents and clients for repurposing existing PCs, as well as a clientless HTLM5 capability. 

Please submit the form to learn more about becoming a VERDE partner and our ability to help you win business at higher margin and lower cost. For other questions, please contact us at

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Featured Partners


GQuotient is a software products and solutions company focused on Cloud computing and Virtualization technologies. The core value proposition is around enhancing user experience of applications in the Cloud. The company has a proven methodology, complemented by open source tools to help companies to manage life-cycle in the virtualized IT environment.

With marquee clients in India for desktop virtualization and partnerships with leading technology companies, GQuotient is a focused player in the domain. GQuotient is has a vibrant DevOps practice to automate migration, orchestration, and monitoring of applications to the Public and Private Cloud infra-structure. Head-quartered in Chennai, India, the company was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs.


AppEffex® helps companies and organizations worldwide incorporate best-in-class technology, as well as develop their IT alignment strategy and business processes to drive operational excellence and increase customer satisfaction.

By fusing process management with business acumen, we provide a disciplined approach to technology advising and service delivery resulting in a more reliable and productive environment. As the IT organization becomes a competitive advantage, it enables the business to compete and grow.

Omnis Systems

Omnis Systems is an European Value Added Distributor specialized focussing on Linux and Open Source based platforms. Our value proposition enables partners and resellers to draw from our experience and our constant search for innovative and efficient solutions and to deliver them to their customers, differentiating themselves from traditional resellers.

While licensing cost reduction is one of the most evident benefits, many find that a reduction of infrastructures complexity, lower number of servers required and the opportunity to customize and integrate the solutions we promote, are equally important elements that determined their choice.


ORIZON Systems was established in 1998 as a privately held company at Tokyo, Japan, starting with four employees including CEO, initially focusing network integration business due to the CEO’s background. Orizon Systems employs now 125 technical engineers and 15 management and general staff, total 140 employees.

Orizon Systems has two missions, – Be an excellent partner for large system integrator – Be an excellent outsourcing company as well as for managed services and open source services. Orizon Systems provides wide range of IT services from software development, IT infrastructure integration to 24 hours 365 days maintenance services. Orizon Systems started VERDE business in Japan in 2009 with not only selling VERDE seats but also providing users with technical services for building and maintaining VERDE systems.

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