BLOG: Rich Severson

Using NComputing for Digital Sign solutions

Do you have a need for affordable, simplified Digital Signage? NComputing endpoint devices such as L300\L350 and the new RX300 can be utilized for simple, centrally managed digital sign solutions.

Many companies find that they would like to have a digital sign solution. While there are many vendors in that space, those solutions are often stand alone and very costly to deploy. NComputing customers have found that digital signs can be accomplished using our technology at a more affordable price point.

NComputing devices can be attached to the back of large format displays and connected to your data center virtual machines to deliver Web Portal or PowerPoint data in public places. 
This configuration can be utilized to deliver content for many different use cases such as:

Patient scheduling – Think of a medical clinic where the content might be represented as:

8:00    Was\Geo

8:15    Lin\Abr

8:30    Fran\Ben

Cafeteria Menu items

Today’s Special: Fish n’ Chips

News announcements for schools or business

Health Plan forms must be turned into HR by Friday of this week.

Tax Forms need to be submitted no later than 4\15.

This solution can be quickly deployed and centrally managed, with the ability to update signs simply by changing the content in a single location. Save time and money over purpose-built, stand-alone systems.

If you have questions about using NComputing for digital signage, or anything else related to NComputing, feel free to contact us.

About the author

Rich Severson
Sr. Director of Solutions Engineering
Rich brings 30 plus years of technical service and support to our Sales and Engineering teams. 20 of those years in Thin Client \ Server Based computing and Virtualization. He has delivered and architected solutions for major retail and enterprise companies and focused the last 9 years on Education with NComputing. Rich’s early technical expertise came via the US Navy.