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Free yourself from the Countdown to Slowdown

Computing at work is something most of us take for granted. Companies provide equipment that we use until it either falls apart or the celebrated 3-year PC refresh cycle kicks in (yours is 5 years? Ouch!). Booting up a new work computer calls for a celebration - those spinning balls of death eating your productivity are about to be squashed. But that first keystroke begins anew the inevitable "Countdown to Slowdown."

Desktop virtualization makes every day seem like ‘New Computer Day’— and what’s better is that when the time comes to upgrade the server, everyone connected gets the same productivity bump simultaneously. No more PC-refresh envy amongst colleagues. 

Nick Heath over at TechRepublic has published a side-by-side working comparison of the NComputing RX300 thin client (connected to a vSpace Pro 10 installation) and a recent Intel Core i7-based laptop, both running Windows 10. It’s an apples-to-oranges comparison in some respects, but from a users perspective (and that is what we care about) your inner skeptic may be surprised with the results.

We use the RX300 in-house with both vSpace Pro 10 and VERDE VDI. Go see how it fares in Nick's comparison.

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