Compute Smartly


As the nation’s top government agency responsible for the security and safety of the nation’s citizens, the U.S. Department of Defense faces extraordinary challenges when it comes to day-to-day IT operations. With security, performance, ease of use, and affordability as top priorities, the DoD needed a desktop virtualization solution that could support both Linux and Windows desktops across multiple locations, all within a high security computing environment.

Once considered the least developed of the former Yugoslavian republics, Macedonia is leaping into the 21st century. Thanks to low-cost virtual desktop technology from NComputing, Macedonia is the first country ever to provide 1:1 computing (one computer per student) to its entire public school population.

With the significant contribution of NComputing’s L300 virtual desktop device, Esenler Municipality, based in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, now has its first digital library. Deployed by Ertugrul Gunay, Minister of Culture and Tourism, the library includes over 7,500 digital books, of which 2,500 are audio books designed for people who are visually impaired.