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VERDE Remote Access





Need access to your computer at the office, or maybe a shared drive attached to it? VERDE Remote Access provides highly secure 24/7 connections without the need of a VPN from anywhere via the internet. It’s built in to the VERDE VDI solution, but also available as a stand-alone product for quick and easy remote access.

Remote Access Features


Quick & Easy Deployment

Install the virtual appliance compatible with VMWare, VirtualBox and Hyper-V. Get started with Remote Access without the need for expensive hardware.

Anytime Access

Setup your remote computer as always-on so you can access and take control anytime over the internet.


256-bit encryption and personal keys provide locked-down access and secure transmission of data. IT admin can monitor connection status to ensure that only the authorized people are accessing the computers.

Expand as Needed

Once set up, adding or removing computers is easy. No additional resources are needed.

File Transfer

Transfer files and folders between your remote and local computers, even from mapped drives. This feature can be disabled by admins.

Just Print It

Print your files wherever you are, whether the files are local or remote.

Easy Collaboration

Give a colleague access to your remote computer to work on a project or provide technical support.

Simple Interface

Drag and drop files between your local and remote computer.


Get an overview of your actions with access and activity logs.

Stay Compliant

Meet your industry compliance regulations for remote access and stay inbounds.

  • Free
  • Included as part of the VERDE 8.x standard annual seat license subscription. Remote Access only licenses can be added. (RA only licensees are not applicable to VDI connections).

  • Stand-alone
  • Starting at
    a month per user
  • Start with 10 users and expand as needed. Easily installation and configuration can get your team working remotely today. Professional deployment services are available upon request.

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