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NComputing Acquires VERDE Workspaces


Today we are very excited to announce the acquisition of VERDE Workspaces and welcome VERDE VDI as part of the NComputing product family.

What does this mean to NComputing partners?  The acquisition of VERDE, formerly known as Virtual Bridges, allows NComputing partners to offer a full stack, end-to-end solution that includes thin clients, software clients, protocols, desktop management and provisioning infrastructure to provide a turnkey solution for businesses and organizations of various sizes. Furthermore, great talents in the VDI industry have joined NComputing, including original co-founder of Virtual Bridges and VERDE Workspaces, Jim Curtin and executive Jack Angelo. Both now serve as GM& VP of Software Business and VP of Global Customer Success of NComputing, respectively.

What does this mean to our customers? NComputing now delivers purpose-built desktop virtualization solutions to fit an expansive range of businesses’ needs and budgets.

For SMB and Education customers, NComputing’s vSpace Pro 10 (session-based desktop virtualization to share a single OS and one set of apps with multiple users), provides a simple, affordable and high performance desktop computing environment solution, with a wide array of supported NComputing thin clients and software clients.

For Higher Education, Government, Defense and Large Enterprises, NComputing’s VERDE VDI (VDI-based desktop virtualization) provides a highly scalable, multi-tenant solution with dynamic provisioning and Cloud Branch optimization to support deployments of various sizes and locations.  VERDE VDI provides Windows and Linux desktops that are  easy to deploy and maintain, and cost much less than traditional VDI solutions. The VERDE VDI is already widely deployed in over 400 customers worldwide with 70,000 seats.

Our mission is to provide simple, affordable and powerful end-to-end complete desktop virtualization solutions to organization of all sizes. With the addition of VERDE VDI, we are one big step closer to achieving this.

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