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NComputing still the "greenest" company

NComputing has long been the go-to company for minimalism when it comes to cost, complexity and, yes, energy consumption. In fact, over the years, many of our customers around the world have won "Green" awards for energy savings simply by buying and using our products instead of someone else's. Now we have won India's top award for Green IT.

A major publication in India "The Financial Express" has just announced the new winners of its Express IT Awards, and for the category of Green Technology, they have chosen NComputing India. See winners in all categories here: This is a prestigious award, and the panel of judges are serious power players from the likes of Google and NASSCOM, in addition to some very senior IT personalities in India. The nominees included IBM, Zoho, TCS, SAP, HTC and NComputing.

Congratulations to NComputing India!