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NComputing Adds EX500 Thin Client and LEAF OS as Citrix Ready

SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- With its LEAF OS and EX500 thin client, NComputing has secured Citrix Ready® Premium Endpoint validation from Citrix, a business unit of Cloud Software Group. Bringing both hardware and software together for the first time for Citrix products and services, NComputing aims to simplify migrations to virtual desktops, apps and cloud workspaces.

"We've excelled at bringing high-performing, low-cost endpoints to Citrix over the years. Now, with the capabilities in our LEAF OS offering, we can also breathe new life into 3rd-party devices," said Young Song, Founder and CEO, NComputing. "Whether you're trying to extend the life of existing clients, need to expand your hardware base, or simply want to homogenize the deployment, LEAF OS realizes the goal of easy, centralized management and control."

Non-standard hardware? No problem. 

NComputing LEAF OS is a fully locked-down Linux-based operating system designed specifically for secure, high-performance access to virtual desktops, apps and cloud workspaces. This software endpoint solution transforms any x86-64 PC, laptop or thin client into a secure and centrally managed Citrix endpoint, delivering access to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops™ and Citrix DaaS™.

LEAF OS addresses security, corporate data leakage, patch management and central manageability concerns for companies with work from home, BYOD and cost-saving initiatives.

Advanced multimedia capabilities, including Microsoft Teams optimization, HDX Adaptive Transport, Browser Content Redirection (BCR) and extensive USB peripheral device support, are cornerstones of the LEAF OS foundation.

Standard hardware? Meet the new standard. 

EX500, based on x86-64 CPU architecture, has all the bases covered. Features include 4K Ultra HD video, dual monitor ports, gigabit Ethernet, broad peripheral support and Wi-Fi.

Powered by LEAF OS, the EX500 makes deployments easy. Plug them in and manage them all via NComputing's PMC Endpoint Manager software along with any other device running LEAF OS.

Administrators set up device profiles with all settings and configurations, then push them out to an individual or group of devices. Schedule device firmware updates, access the summary dashboard or view the detailed event logging. Manage devices located in local and wide area networks (WAN). Work from home and hybrid workforce deployments are fully supported. Users are always up to date with the latest Citrix technology.

"Chain of Trust" Provides Enterprise-level Security

LEAF OS endpoint solution provides secure boot support on x86-64 platforms, protecting the system against malicious code by ensuring only authenticated software runs on the device. This verification process validates each step of the endpoint boot process, establishes a chain of trust and prevents viruses and other malicious software from running on the system.

"The combination of Citrix with the EX500 thin client and LEAF OS software endpoint enables people to securely work from anywhere, using almost any device," said Chris Fleck, Vice President, Ecosystems and Verticals, Citrix, a Business Unit of Cloud Software Group. "We are pleased to see NComputing achieve validation of EX500 and LEAF OS as Citrix Ready Premium Endpoint, further expanding the list of NComputing solutions that have been Citrix Ready verified."

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About NComputing

Founded in 2003, NComputing is a leading provider of Enterprise Ready thin clients for desktop virtualization and cloud computing solutions, with more than 70,000 customers and 20 million daily users in 140 countries. NComputing has been working closely with Citrix since 2012 and was the first to market Citrix HDX ready System-on-chip (SoC) based thin clients. Removing the barriers through a unique formula of simplicity, performance, and value, NComputing's integrated solutions serve global customers in key verticals, such as education, healthcare, and government.