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NComputing launches vSpace Pro 10, the next generation desktop virtualization platform

San Mateo, California - September 29, 2016 - Today NComputing launches vSpace Pro 10, a new desktop virtualization platform solution, with a redesigned UI and UX and brand new cloud features. vSpace Pro 10 gives schools and small to medium sized businesses the ability to run and manage up to 100 virtual desktops from a single host machine. Compared to an all PC-based solution this reduces acquisition costs by 65%, IT maintenance costs by 80% per year, and energy savings of up to 90% when combined with NComputing’s thin client hardware.

vSpace Pro 10 supports the latest Windows Operating Systems to deliver a true PC desktop experience for the end user. Whether in the classroom or workplace, IT administrators can set up and monitor their desktop virtualization deployment, as well as remotely manage hundreds of connected user sessions running on thin client devices - without having to be at that specific computer. This centralized management cuts down costs and improves security by lowering the risk that individual users could unknowingly breach security measures.

The new vCAST technology works with vSpace Pro 10 to increase the number of supported vSpace users by up to six times compared to previous versions of vSpace, yet it doesn’t affect users’ enjoyment of smooth running, HD quality videos. Upcoming premium features include integrated classroom management with monitoring, live chat and student session controls to increase productivity in schools. Other upcoming features include Server Health Monitoring and Usage Tracking to help IT administrators to minimize potential downtime and monitor server workloads.

Rakesh Chauhan, Managing Director at Techminds Solutions, explains: “Our customers manage all the routers and servers, and their role requires them to take out time to manually fix any user’s desktop device breakdowns and do regular updates. They were asking us for something that allows them to do this at the convenience of their desk. With vSpace Pro10, we can provide a cost effective solution for IT budgets that saves IT managers hundreds of hours per year."

Key features of vSpace Pro 10 include:

  1. Windows support - vSpace Pro 10 supports all the 9 popular Windows Operating Systems, including the latest Windows 10 desktop along with Windows Server 2016 (technical preview version) to deliver a true PC desktop experience for end users
  2. vSpace Cloud Management Portal - A cloud-based web dashboard that allows admins to remotely manage and allocate their NComputing software licenses, premium features and their deployed vSpace Servers from any browser. Provides visibility of users in the classroom or workplace
  3. NComputing vSpace Manager - Allows the admin to centralize the management of software licenses and allocate premium features among the connected vSpace Servers, providing flexibility to different deployment scenarios
  4. NComputing vSpace Console - Previously known as NC-Console, vSpace Console centrally manages vSpace Server deployment and device management features, regardless of which vSpace Server they are connected to. This allows admins to organize deployment on single or multiple sites, making it easier to perform management tasks remotely such as firmware updates, device resets and vSpace Server configuration
  5. NComputing vCAST Technology (premium feature) - The new vCAST web streaming technology works with vSpace Pro 10 to increase user density support (the number of supported vSpace users) compared to previous vSpace versions by up to six times, while still delivering high quality HD videos.

Young Song, NComputing CEO, explains: “Cloud software is expected to surpass $112.8 billion by 2019, and the way that needs to happen is through SaaS delivery - which is overtaking and growing nearly five times faster than the traditional software market*. This creates a huge opportunity both for us and our customers, and challenges us to provide solutions that define the market and what businesses want. The launch of the vSpace Pro 10 platform marks an important milestone for NComputing and for our customers, providing an enhanced desktop virtualization experience.

vSpace Pro 10 is available from today and is free to download from the NComputing website,


About vSpace Pro 10
vSpace Pro 10 works with the existing Thin Client hardware device families (NComputing L/M/MX/CX Series), vSpace Pro Client for Chromebooks and Windows, and soon the Raspberry Pi 3 client. It supports Windows Server 2016 (technical preview version) and Windows 10 - and past OS versions are still supported including Windows 7 and 8, Windows Server 2012, 2008 - Windows Multipoint Server (64-bit versions).

NOTE: Microsoft Windows Server and appropriate client access licenses are required for multiuser environments using NComputing products. Desktop operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 10 are appropriate for single user applications such as 1:1 VDI, display systems, and remote access.

About NComputing
NComputing Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, is a ZeroDesktop company and leader in client virtualization solutions. Removing the barriers through a unique formula of simplicity, performance and value, NComputing’s integrated solutions serve global customers in key verticals such as education, healthcare and government. With over 20 million daily users in 140 countries, the company is fueling the adoption of client virtualization faster than any other in the world. To learn more, visit



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