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Citrix Ready workspace hub Tech Preview is now available.

Tech Preview: Citrix Ready workspace hub

In partnership with Citrix and Stratodesk, NComputing is excited to announce the availability of Citrix Ready workspace hub (WSH) software Tech Preview for the NComputing RX-HDX enterprise thin client. Tech Preview is open for everyone to test the advanced features of the workspace hub.

Traditional thin clients have been good endpoints, but the Citrix Ready workspace hub by NComputing brings in new features to address innovative use cases around enterprise IoT, transforming the workspace beyond the traditional capability of thin clients. With this release, NComputing and Citrix are setting the direction for next-generation enterprise thin clients. 

The Tech Preview will let you test new features such as:

  • Citrix Session Roaming: Hand-off a Citrix session from one device to another, such as from a Smart Phone to the NComputing RX-HDX.
  • Citrix Screen Casting: The session will remain on the Smart Phone, allowing direct control while simultaneously projecting the session onto a large screen via the NComputing RX-HDX.

These features can be triggered by the action of Proximity Authentication or by QR code reading. We have put together a series of brief videos to demonstrate these features:

To obtain the software for Citrix Ready workspace hub, please follow the link to Citrix:

Citrix Session Roaming triggered by Proximity Authentication


Citrix Session Roaming triggered by QR Code


Citrix Screen Casting (Wireless Docking) triggered by QR Code

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