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100 Desktops, 1 OS, Lowest Cost

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vSpace Server 7.1 upgrade nowThe latest vSpace Server 7.1 extends application and desktop virtualization capabilities for the latest Microsoft Windows desktop environments, including Windows Multipoint Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. vSpace Server software addresses today’s market needs with a rich computing experience, enhanced collaboration and increased productivity for corporate users.

Change Your Computing Economics

NComputing's patented and award winning vSpace Server changes the economics of desktop virtualization. vSpace Server supports up to 100 user sessions per instance, offering the most affordable desktop virtualization solution in the market. Combine the power of multiple vSpace Servers and scale vSpace virtualization platform deployments to thousands of connections.

vSpace Server software divides a computer’s resources into independent virtual workspaces that give each user their own rich PC experience. Space Server interacts with the NComputing UXP (User eXtension Protocol) and the NComputing thin clients and software access clients to deliver a highly optimized end-to-end desktop virtualization solution.

For remote management of NComputing thin clients, vSpace Management Center provides a flexible, web-based management tool for all network-connected thin client devices connected to vSpace Server 7.0 and up.

vSpace Server

Key Benefits

  • Simplifies the effort required to provide each user with a personalized, centrally- managed and secure desktop computing environment
  • Reduces deployment time with the ability to configure and deploy thousands of virtual desktops in days rather than weeks
  • Provides a full, rich, multimedia desktop experience for popular desktop environments, including Windows Multipoint Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8
  • Broad Compatibility with industry leading applications and server virtualization solutions to protect investment in IT infrastructure
  • Delivers the most user density per dollar with up to 100 user sessions per vSpace Server instance
  • Reduces the number of hardware hosts, operating systems, and VMs needed in your environment

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"The combination of simple implementation, low management overhead, and low costs is coupled with a high-quality PC experience." - IDC, NComputing Vendor Profile, 2012
Oakland School for the Arts

"The school director was impressed and surprised at the comparatively low cost for the thin client infrastructure. The cost per unit amounted to approximately 40% of the previous technology program." - David Smith, Director of Technology, Oakland School for the Arts

vSpace In Action

Use Cases


Allow your users to access their work using any Windows device via LAN or WiFi - from their homes or remote locations too


Mix and match NComputing thin clients and soft clients to dramatically lower total costs


Repurpose existing and legacy PCs as centrally-managed virtual desktop devices


Limit the costs and effort of upgrading to Windows 7 or 8 to your central server and provide a modern, rich experience with PC's you already have

Upgrading to vSpace Server 7.1

vSpace Server 7.1 upgrade nowNew purchases of NComputing devices or software client connection licenses are entitled to connect to the latest version of vSpace Server.

Customers with an existing deployment must purchase an SnS support subscription for every seat that will connect to vSpace Server in order to upgrade to the latest version of vSpace Server.

Customers who have already purchased an SnS subscription for vSpace Server have immediate access to the latest software upgrades and to the additional functionality and enhancements introduced by NComputing. In addition, SnS subscriptions provide further benefits such as unlimited support incidents and enhanced response times.

Learn more: Visit http://www.ncomputing.com/products/support-programs for more information on NComputing SnS programs.

vSpace Server