Desktop Virtualization for Healthcare Providers

Doctors, nurses and clinical and support staff in hospitals, clinics and physician offices within Citrix healthcare HDX deployments require secure, role-based access at point of care (PoC) to clinical applications, patient information and medical records, as well as personalized desktop experiences.

Expanding Healthcare Delivery at Point of Care (PoC) for Citrix HDX Deployments

With centralized device management, wired and wireless options, and secure user access, NComputing’s N-series Citrix® Ready HDX™ Verified System-on-Chip (SoC) Thin Client devices transform the economics of existing desktop virtualization by enabling healthcare organizations to more fully extend their Citrix HDX deployments to more users at PoC with performance equal to or better than that of PCs—at dramatically lower cost than PCs or traditional HDX-capable thin clients.

Combined with a Citrix HDX deployment and Imprivata® OneSign® Single Sign-On, these cost-effective, devices enable role-based, anywhere/anytime secure access to patient medical records, clinical applications such as those from Cerner, McKesson or Epic, as well as personalized desktops—whether from fixed workstations, shared PCs or mobile medical carts in a wide variety of PoC locations.


N-series in Healthcare

Advantages of N-series Citrix Ready HDX Verified SoC Thin Client devices

  • Optimized and Citrix Ready—Optimized for LAN-based wired and wireless Citrix HDX deployments and work seamlessly with Citrix large-scale healthcare sites running healthcare applications such as those offered by Cerner, McKesson, or Epic
  • Secure Sign-On and Imprivata Ready—Leverage Imprivata single sign-on, thus enabling increased security and time-savings from repeated log-ins
  • Follow Me—Support Imprivata Tap In Tap Out authentication to make it easy and efficient to move and seamlessly access a secure and personalized virtual desktop and set of medical applications
  • Network and Application Secure Access—Offer strong encryption ensuring minimal network impact with maximum network security and Imprivata 2-factor user authentication on proximity card readers for secure access
  • Sterile—No moving parts, thus making the devices suitable for use in sterile environments
  • Implementation and Maintenance Ease—Deployed for one-third the cost of PCs or traditional thin client devices with ongoing management savings of 75% or better and power savings of over 90%. Easily maintain devices with vSpace Management Center for the N-series, a web-based application accessible over the web and simpler to understand
  • Supported—Mission critical premium support available


N-Series with Imprivata® OneSign® Single Sign-On Demo

Healthcare use-case demonstration

Use Cases


Point of care solutions with a combination of fixed or roaming stations

medical cart

With both fixed and wireless models and support for appropriate peripherals such as a USB keyboard, mouse and proximity card reader, N-series devices are a core part of any flexible medical infrastructure involving fixed stations, mounted access and mobile carts.

Improving medical records security, accuracy and administration

proximity card reader

N-series devices are built for security, encrypt all traffic between the Citrix environment and our N-series thin client devices, as well as leverage Imprivata authentication solutions

Improving workflows and staff experiences


NComputing can support any Citrix workflow and any Citrix-supported medical application, as well as shared workstations, persistent session state from one station to another, and high performance for data- and graphics-intensive applications to support medical imaging. The N-series dual core NUMO™ 3 SoC design offers superior computing power and multitasking capabilities